Moving Along on Memorial Day

Like a cartoon snowball, my momentum is a bit out of control. Now that I have read the diary several times, details I skimmed over are coming into focus. I fill gaps in the diary with my own personal knowledge- and that needs to be written down for you. I see now how my own insights enrich the sketchy notes made by my mother. Draft Two will include a lot more footnotes and blatant explanations to provide more continuity to Georgia Dee’s story.

Copyright and trademark issues can be sticky, so I am leaving behind the fabulous movie posters that require time and legwork to use legally. Fortunately, there is a lot of public domain material that will be useful, especially government wartime information. The Palo Alto Historical Association (PAHA) photograph collection is a treasure, and I am hopeful I will have permission to use some of their photographs. I looked at everything they have available on line from 1940-1945 (whew!) and have a much better sense of the era and what life in Palo Alto LOOKED like in the ’40’s. Many of the PAHA photographs have been pinned to my Pinterest page- a great place for me to stash them, and for you to check them out.

Seriously, the photos are such a big help!  Now that I am back into the diary, seemingly random comments are so obvious! Wilson’s isn’t a neighbor, it’s a restaurant! They were going to a restaurant, not hanging out at somebody’s house! There are dozens of these little epiphanies and I find myself leaping to my feet as I solve another mini-mystery. EUREKA! Draft two should be a lot more fun to read, so if you haven’t gotten too far along in Draft One, here’s your ticket to procrastination. I should have Draft Two posted around the end of May.

So, Little Miss Appropriate, I am slogging away on Georgia Dee’s Diary this Memorial Day weekend. It also happens to be my dad’s birthday- he would have been 90. All of the associated activities reinforce my resolve to create a respectful work, and recreate for today’s young adults a long ago era that affects us still.

Andy grave

Georgia Dee’s first love, died in service


Veterans no longer with us (but did not die in service):

dewey grave

My grandpa Dewey, Georgia Dee’s dad, a veteran

Richard Bergstrom Thomas (my father)

John Robert Thomas (Uncle Bob, my dad’s brother)

Dewey Douglas Goodspeed (Uncle Dougie, Georgia Dee’s brother)

Photos from