Draft Two

Against all odds, Draft Two is complete! You can find it up there, on the menu tab. Or here. If you are visiting for the first time, you might as well start with Draft Two. As with Draft One, I am still taking comments, open to all ideas. And as with Draft One, I am already making a to do list.

Things to Do

The index is still phony baloney. But do I really need it?

Hyperlinks to the Rogues Gallery from the text. There are a lot of boys to keep track of, and it is part of the fun while being mighty annoying. Look for those hyperlinks next time around.

WW2 statistics: I keep talking about them but just keep looking at a blank piece of paper. Next time for sure.

There are more photos to add, permissions to secure, credits and bibliography stuff to pin down. Acknowledgements- I’m getting good feedback from a few terrific people who have taken an interest in my project. Thank you, and I’ll make that more official next time.

I am still waiting for Andy’s military records, but the archives cashed my check last week, so that means the request isn’t lost on someone’s desk. Yet. Andy’s family has been extremely helpful, and their photos add a lot to the story. There could be more, but the boxes of material that might yield more goodies are in storage in another state, so we don’t really know. I am The Queen of Boxes, so I understand what “inaccessible” means.

Did I miss anything? Let me know!



Moving Along on Memorial Day

Like a cartoon snowball, my momentum is a bit out of control. Now that I have read the diary several times, details I skimmed over are coming into focus. I fill gaps in the diary with my own personal knowledge- and that needs to be written down for you. I see now how my own insights enrich the sketchy notes made by my mother. Draft Two will include a lot more footnotes and blatant explanations to provide more continuity to Georgia Dee’s story.

Copyright and trademark issues can be sticky, so I am leaving behind the fabulous movie posters that require time and legwork to use legally. Fortunately, there is a lot of public domain material that will be useful, especially government wartime information. The Palo Alto Historical Association (PAHA) photograph collection is a treasure, and I am hopeful I will have permission to use some of their photographs. I looked at everything they have available on line from 1940-1945 (whew!) and have a much better sense of the era and what life in Palo Alto LOOKED like in the ’40’s. Many of the PAHA photographs have been pinned to my Pinterest page- a great place for me to stash them, and for you to check them out.

Seriously, the photos are such a big help!  Now that I am back into the diary, seemingly random comments are so obvious! Wilson’s isn’t a neighbor, it’s a restaurant! They were going to a restaurant, not hanging out at somebody’s house! There are dozens of these little epiphanies and I find myself leaping to my feet as I solve another mini-mystery. EUREKA! Draft two should be a lot more fun to read, so if you haven’t gotten too far along in Draft One, here’s your ticket to procrastination. I should have Draft Two posted around the end of May.

So, Little Miss Appropriate, I am slogging away on Georgia Dee’s Diary this Memorial Day weekend. It also happens to be my dad’s birthday- he would have been 90. All of the associated activities reinforce my resolve to create a respectful work, and recreate for today’s young adults a long ago era that affects us still.

Andy grave

Georgia Dee’s first love, died in service


Veterans no longer with us (but did not die in service):

dewey grave

My grandpa Dewey, Georgia Dee’s dad, a veteran

Richard Bergstrom Thomas (my father)

John Robert Thomas (Uncle Bob, my dad’s brother)

Dewey Douglas Goodspeed (Uncle Dougie, Georgia Dee’s brother)

Photos from http://www.findagrave.com/